Ghost Siren: Dark Forest Beauty and Red String of Fate

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Ghost Siren is your local artist and faerie, born and raised in Yorktown Heights.  With magic, folklore, and mythology as a few of her inspirations, she often portrays herself as faeries, vampires, witches, and the like in most of her art.  Aside from those muses, she draws the most inspiration from her surrounding forests and natural environments.  With that, she re-creates her own dreams, nightmares, and fairy tales.

Dark Forest Beauty is an expression of appreciation and adoration from the artist to nature and all that it has inspired her to do and accomplish.  Nature has taught her to see and love the smaller and hidden things in life.  With nature being a common motif in her art, she found it only appropriate to make her first show a dedication to it.


Red String of Fate is a small series expressing the artist’s love for romance and the mystery it comes with.  The theory is that everyone is born with a red string tied to their left pinky. On the other end of that red string will be your soulmate.


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