FEATHERS Collage by Kendra Shedenhelm

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I love hidden meanings and intuitive connections. I think somewhere inside we are all drawn to innate symbolism—the things that we may not know, but we “know.”
For this series, Feathers, I focused on the ethereal qualities of birds, their feathers and their connection to flight, freedom, and the spiritual. I collected antique illustrations of birds and assembled and layered them into new forms to tell my own story. The original creator and I have now become collaborators in a new tale, which I find to be incredible. This process of unearthing, layering, and redefining is fascinating to me and continues to drive my work.
Kendra was born and raised in Nebraska, went to art school in Iowa and Illinois, apprenticed as a printmaker in Colorado and NYC, and worked as a graphic designer in NYC and LA. She now freelances as an illustrator and designer from her home in Croton-on-Hudson, where she lives with her husband, their 9 year old son, and two cats.
To find out more,
visit kendrashedenhelm.com
and follow her at instagram.com/kendrasred.

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